Content Marketing

Mobilegeddon (or, Google’s new mobile friendly criteria for content)

Last week, Google implemented a mobile friendly ranking criteria for pages within their search results. The update can move your site up or down depending on how well your content displays on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sites … Read More

Writing your brand guidelines
Content Marketing

How to outline your blog post the right way

Blog posts can have a staggering amount of content, both for the reader and the writer (you!). Outlining not only lets you write faster, but also makes your content more readable. I often use my initial outline to think through … Read More

Content Marketing

Does your content have context?

Content marketing is becoming prominent as a key customer acquisition strategy for more and more organizations. Most marketers understand that creating and sharing engaging content draws more visitors to their website, which leads to more page views, signups, prospects, paying … Read More


How to eliminate every blogging distraction

You wake up, stretch, sip your morning coffee, and declare, “Today is the day I finally get that blog done!” As you step into the office, your co-worker starts chatting about last night’s episode of your favourite show. After your … Read More