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3 uncommon tactics to promote your blog after publishing

You spend hours writing a blog post. After it’s finally published, you open up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share away. That’s all good! Sharing a link to social networks through Buffer or Hootsuite after publishing is the standard. Besides … Read More

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8 content marketing blogs you should be following

What’s the best way to stay updated with the world of content marketing? Follow influencers and thought leaders. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, there 8 blogs are chock-full of advice, trends, and so much more: 1. … Read More

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4 reasons nobody’s sharing your content

Your company Twitter feed is filled with curated content because you learned it’s important to share the content of others. But, when it comes to your own content, you’re left sitting in the dark. Why are my blog posts and … Read More

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4 lessons WWE can teach us about brand voice

I’m a long-time World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fan. As a kid, I followed wrestling religiously, and I still tune in occasionally. I snapped this picture at a live event in Toronto earlier this year. Yesterday, I stumbled across leaked images … Read More

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This is what repurposed content looks like

Creating enough content to support each stage of the buying cycle is an overwhelming task. You have limited time, budget, and access to subject matter expertise. One of the efficient ways to feed your content beast is to repurpose existing … Read More