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Story telling lessons from March Madness “Cinderella” teams

I’ll admit it. We’re in that little March Madness lull before Final 4, and I’m suffering from withdrawal. My family has a very competitive bracket challenge, and this year it’s not even close – I’m crushing it. But now I … Read More

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Block spam referral traffic in Google Analytics

I was so excited this week when I opened Google Analytics to look at our stats. The graphs of users and sessions were both trending up. When I looked into where that traffic was coming from, I saw a huge … Read More

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How to co-write with experts

Co-writing content is always a challenge. You have double the goals, vision, and feelings. (Let’s be honest, most of us get attached to our writing.) Writing with a subject matter expert (SME) can be even more difficult. You’re likely working … Read More


Shooting Wriber’s new video- what I learned on set

This weekend I tagged along to the set of our new product video. Oak & Rumble‘s team was so welcoming – I had so much fun! I’d like to say that they taught me a lot about video production, but I’ll … Read More


All your burning grammar questions answered

In our interview with Lisa Kitteringham of Lexica Communications, we talk gendered pronouns, emoticons, and Danish comedians! Kendra: Let’s start easy! What are your thoughts on the singular “their”? Lisa: I’m into it! “His or hers” is clunky and everyone knows … Read More

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The myth we’re building startups on: if you build it they will come

We talk to startups every day. They’re built on sweat, passion, and optimism. And while I’ve spent a lot of time soaking that up (well, hopefully not the sweat), I’ve also spent hours trying to convince founders that their tech … Read More