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A case for writing below a grade 8 reading level

The other day, I wrote a post with some advice for new writers. Something I highlighted in that blog was the need to adapt your writing for your audience, especially while working in content marketing. It’s easy to come out … Read More

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6 pieces of advice for new writers

Dear recent graduate, You’re probably already annoyed at people welcoming you to the “real world”. After all, aren’t all of our worlds real? Perception is reality and all that. I won’t patronize you by suggesting that your new reality will … Read More

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How to leverage your network

This week we talked to Jennifer Beale about leveraging your network, giving first, and how often you should connect with your referral partners! Kendra: As a professional networker, you must have your elevator pitch down! Can we hear it? Jennifer: … Read More

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The shish-kabob theory

Terry O’Reilly has an awesome radio show, “Under the Influence”, where he explores trends in modern marketing. Recently, he introduced his shish-kabob theory: A company has a multitude of communication points – it could be a website, a Facebook page, … Read More

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International content marketing

Today we talked to Smita Challu about how to enter new markets, balancing global thoughts and local presentation in content marketing, and the fate of product differentiation. Kendra: Smita; thanks for taking the time to chat with me today! I’ve gotten to know … Read More