2017 Canadian Marketing Technology Landscape

Update 06/20: We added 11 more companies and removed 5 companies. Update 05/31: We added 21 more companies and recategorized 3 companies. I’m happy to release our very own Canadian Marketing Technology Landscape inspired by Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape … Read More

Product Updates

Product Update: Better Search

Become the best publication and information source in your industry. This is the core of inbound marketing. — Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot You know how hard it is to be the best in your industry. Today’s update helps you supercharge … Read More

Case Studies & Ebooks

Case Study: JFP Media

JFP Media is an authentic media platform in Toronto, focusing on creating original content that enables millennials to connect and express themselves. They give writers a platform, and product content that encourages their readers to consider different perspectives. Volunteer contributors … Read More


How do you explain your job?

Or: an excuse to dive into the realities of Dilbert. *warning: excessive use of the word “turd” ahead After drawing that cartoon, and probably laughing insanely to himself throughout the entire process, Scott Adams asked his readers on The Dilbert … Read More

Content Marketing

An argument against buyer personas

Ok, before all you inbound marketing folks freak out, let me clarify, I love buyer personas. They can be hugely helpful! Personas are great… until they aren’t. When they aren’t, there’s a good chance they’re going to torpedo all of … Read More

Content Marketing

5 strategies for writing effective blog titles

Ah, the clickbait title. An audience… favourite? I have a love/hate relationship with clickbait headlines. On one hand, they promise explicit value. They’re clickbait for a reason. We want to click through because if they deliver what they promise, you’ll … Read More

Content Marketing

Telling stories for social change

This week we talked to Dinah Davis about how she uses content to create awareness around some of the challenges that are faced by women in STEM fields. Kendra: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me … Read More

Content Marketing

3 sales assets that marketing should create

B2B is notorious for having a complex sales process. There’s big money on the table and usually more than one person involved in the buying decision. Even with great sales assets, it can take months, or even years, for a … Read More

Content Marketing

A case for writing below a grade 8 reading level

The other day, I wrote a post with some advice for new writers. Something I highlighted in that blog was the need to adapt your writing for your audience, especially while working in content marketing. It’s easy to come out … Read More

Content Marketing, Life@Wriber

6 pieces of advice for new writers

Dear recent graduate, You’re probably already annoyed at people welcoming you to the “real world”. After all, aren’t all of our worlds real? Perception is reality and all that. I won’t patronize you by suggesting that your new reality will … Read More