Valentine’s fails that will make you love your editor

Ah Valentine’s Day. It’s never been one of my favourite holidays. But I have to admit that I’ve always enjoyed making fun of the sickeningly sweet ads that start as soon as the holidays finish. Husbands, if you don’t buy your wife that unnecessary piece of jewellery, it doesn’t matter how awesome you were the rest of the year. You must not love her.

Once in awhile though, there comes a moment that reminds me of the person I truly take for granted.

Forget my significant other. This Valentine’s, I’m buying flowers for the person I normally describe as my nemisis: my overworked and under-appreciated editor!

Here are four Valentine’s fails that she never would have let happen:


This is giving me a HUGE headache!


Well, this just speaks for itself.

There’s a lot going on here!


To my dear friend and colleague,

You’re the person who makes me sound great! I will never take you for granted again. At least, not until I receive the marked up version of this post that’s more red pen than anything else.