The importance of your mission: a lesson from your friendly neighbourhood tech startup

You can’t motivate people, you can only create a context in which people are motivated. – Brad Feld I love working at startups; they’re where I’m at my best. I enjoy being able to contribute to a company’s growth and success. … Read More

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How to market a startup

In our interview with Eric Rafat, founder of Keyobi, we talk lean marketing, committing to inbound, and tennis. Kendra: Eric, thanks for taking the time to chat about marketing startups! Before we dive in, can you tell us a little … Read More

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Adding print to your marketing technology mix

In our interview with Steve Falk from PrimeData, we talk direct mail statistics, repurposed content, and attribution models! Kendra: Here at Wriber, we’re obviously huge fans of using content to market your business. We see every day how startups and enterprises … Read More

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Our marketing technology startup crushes

TSP Weekly is an amazing podcast in Kitchener/Waterloo that talks to a different startup founder every week. Their questions range from brilliantly insightful, to downright absurd. One of my favourite standard asks is, “What’s your startup crush?” There’s such a … Read More