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How to leverage your network

This week we talked to Jennifer Beale about leveraging your network, giving first, and how often you should connect with your referral partners! Kendra: As a professional networker, you must have your elevator pitch down! Can we hear it? Jennifer: … Read More

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The shish-kabob theory

Terry O’Reilly has an awesome radio show, “Under the Influence”, where he explores trends in modern marketing. Recently, he introduced his shish-kabob theory: A company has a multitude of communication points – it could be a website, a Facebook page, … Read More

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International content marketing

Today we talked to Smita Challu about how to enter new markets, balancing global thoughts and local presentation in content marketing, and the fate of product differentiation. Kendra: Smita; thanks for taking the time to chat with me today! I’ve gotten to know … Read More


The importance of your mission: a lesson from your friendly neighbourhood tech startup

You can’t motivate people, you can only create a context in which people are motivated. – Brad Feld I love working at startups; they’re where I’m at my best. I enjoy being able to contribute to a company’s growth and success. … Read More

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How to market a startup

In our interview with Eric Rafat, founder of Keyobi, we talk lean marketing, committing to inbound, and tennis. Kendra: Eric, thanks for taking the time to chat about marketing startups! Before we dive in, can you tell us a little … Read More

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Adding print to your marketing technology mix

In our interview with Steve Falk from PrimeData, we talk direct mail statistics, repurposed content, and attribution models! Kendra: Here at Wriber, we’re obviously huge fans of using content to market your business. We see every day how startups and enterprises … Read More

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Our marketing technology startup crushes

TSP Weekly is an amazing podcast in Kitchener/Waterloo that talks to a different startup founder every week. Their questions range from brilliantly insightful, to downright absurd. One of my favourite standard asks is, “What’s your startup crush?” There’s such a … Read More

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Story telling lessons from March Madness “Cinderella” teams

I’ll admit it. We’re in that little March Madness lull before Final 4, and I’m suffering from withdrawal. My family has a very competitive bracket challenge, and this year it’s not even close – I’m crushing it. But now I … Read More

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Block spam referral traffic in Google Analytics

I was so excited this week when I opened Google Analytics to look at our stats. The graphs of users and sessions were both trending up. When I looked into where that traffic was coming from, I saw a huge … Read More

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How to co-write with experts

Co-writing content is always a challenge. You have double the goals, vision, and feelings. (Let’s be honest, most of us get attached to our writing.) Writing with a subject matter expert (SME) can be even more difficult. You’re likely working … Read More