Case Study: JFP Media

JFP Media is an authentic media platform in Toronto, focusing on creating original content that enables millennials to connect and express themselves. They give writers a platform, and product content that encourages their readers to consider different perspectives.

Volunteer contributors means tons of emails flying around discussing topics and revisions, a serious lack of consistency when it came to writing styles, and little visibility into individual writers’ progress and workflow.

Sound familiar?

The Challenge:

  • Get a team of writers producing content in a consistent style, and collaborating efficiently.

The Solution:

  • Onboard the entire team to Wriber in minutes.
  • Use the Wriber platform for article assignments.
  • Encourage all writers to use the style checking feature to automatically flag necessary revisions.

The Results:

  • Article lead time has sped up.
  • The leadership team has visibility into the status of all assignments.
  • The style checking feature is so helpful that the team no longer uses MS Word.
  • Less email is exchanged.
  • Follower feedback on posts is more positive.

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